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My name is Val this is my first web site that I have put together by myself.

I am married to Ken and we have two son's Paul and Stephen, we live in Andover Hants but Ken and I are from Stepney London where we were raised. We moved to Andover just after we were married in 1966, Paul our eldest was  married to Sue but is now married to Sarah, Paul and Sue gave us two grandchildren Donna(23) and John(21),

 Stephen is now married to Sara and still living at home with us, they have a new son Jayden Luke born 16-3-2009. Ken has one brother Stephen while I had 5 brother's but have lost one I also have 4 sister's, I am the oldest and my baby sister is 10 months older then my eldest son, I was born on 14-2-45 mum had five of each sex she started with a girl and ended with a girl, after I got married and had my two boy's my mum and dad along with most of the children went to live in Bradford W/Yorkshire, they moved there about 45 years ago as well as all of the family, I am the only one that did not go North I went South, we lost dad some years ago as well as a brother we have since lost mum one year ago plus two sisters in 2010.  So Ken ,me and the boys live here in Andover, both the boys were born here. Ken went down with MS about 34 years go, now we both had to give up work, Ken because of his illness and myself to look after him, so we now live each day as it comes, things get tough but we carry on you have to, I always say that there are people worse off then we are, at least we have each other and our family. We now have a new addition to the family our Granddaughter has had a son so we are now Great Grandparents he's name is Brandon-Lee he was born on the 12-09-2006 he now has a sister Millie Louise born 4-4-2009

The love of my life Ken died on the.


Peacefully in his sleep.

We were married for 45 years.

I hope I have not bored you to much. 

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